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Cabinet painting is a great way to save on cost rather than replacing them with new ones.

There are several ways to refinish your cabinets where some involve a bit more labor that could cost more in the end.

Ways Of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Stripping Old Finish

If you want to retain the beauty of your cabinet wood grain, this is the way to go. One option of refinishing your cabinets is to strip the old finish to the bare wood. One has to be careful while undertaking this task as most paint strippers are chemical based products which can cause harm to your skin and respiratory system.


If you want to obtain your desired stain color but without seeing the grain anymore, this is the way to go. The process is similar to lacquering your kitchen cabinets to a solid color.

Solid color

This is the most used option when refinishing kitchen cabinets in Calgary and probably the most cost effective out of the three.

Prepping is the first and essential step when undertaking the task of painting cabinets or any millwork. Surfaces need to be cleaned with a good cleaner and ensure it will not react with the finish that will be applied afterward.

To get an excellent adhesion and for a job that will last for long, a proper primmer is needed. Through our cabinet painting service in Calgary, you will give your kitchen a brand new appearance. You will also save money compared to replacing them with new ones. Money you can use to do other upgrades that can make your kitchen modern and more functional.

Why Get Professional Help With Cabinet Painting

The task of kitchen cabinets refinishing may seem like a small job that can be handled by any person. However, you will need a professional cabinet painter to get the job done right and efficient.

You may wonder why you should pay for a job you can handle yourself. The answer is simple, we do not brush and roll your cabinets, we spray them.

All the doors, drawer fronts and other removable pieces are sprayed in our shop spray booth and gables, crown are being sprayed in place.

We are using lacquer or other equivalent products for a durable and smooth finish on your cabinets.

If you need your cabinets painted in Calgary, call us now for a free estimate or fill in the contact us requested here for a cabinet painting cost.


Kitchen cabinet refinishing projects normally take around a week to complete depending on the level of service required.   If the customer drops off the pieces we can usually turn them around quickly but we find that customers typically want their entire cabinetry professionally spray painted (the gable ends, kick plates, crown, valances, etc.) not just the re-moveable pieces such as the doors and drawers.

A complete kitchen cabinetry overhaul, including gable ends, kick plates, crowns, valances and decorative spacers will usually involve  3 to 4 trips to your house.

  • Step One: get a free project estimate/assessment.  This is done typically via email (with pictures sent in by you) but may be done over the phone or in person.
  • Step Two: conduct an on-site survey.  Done after the assessment is done.  The scope and requirements are validated, samples and colours reviewed, The final price of the project is determined.
  • Step Three: we start by first picking up the doors, drawers and any other items we thought could be more effectively finished at the shop vs. in your home.
  • Step Four: completion of the on-site work.  We spray paint the base cabinets, gable ends, kick plates, crowns and valances on-site; basically all the stuff we could not take with us.  Depending on the size of the kitchen this will take one to two days to complete.
  • Step Five:  we re-install and re-align your cabinet doors and drawers.
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    F.A.Q. About Cabinet Painting

    Professional cabinet painting starts from $3,000 and goes up to $7,000 depending on the kitchen size. We offer a complimentary color consultation from a professional designer on every kitchen cabinet painting.

    First lets clarify the term “refacing” that is often confused with refinishing the cabinets. Refacing your cabinets refers to the process of getting new doors and drawer fronts that come most of the time unfinished, therefor painting is cheaper because by refacing them you would still need to paint the new doors and drawer fronts. Refacing is a really solid option when you want to change the style of the doors and drawer fronts without buying new kitchen cabinets.

    Oak cabinets can be painted to any color desired. Prepping and priming them is really important for achieving a long lasting finish. We advise contacting a professional for painting your oak cabinets but decent results can also be achieved as a DIY project when on a strict budget.

    It is definitely cheaper to paint you kitchen cabinets compared buying new cabinets. It would cost about 20% percent to paint them from the cost of new cabinets.

    The best paint for kitchen cabinets is actually a lacquer product. It will provide the most durable finish you can get but with the downside being the fumes in the house when spraying it. We use proper ventilation when lacquer option is chosen by customer. Other more VOC friendly paint choices for cabinets would be as follows:

    • Advance, Benjamin Moore
    • Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, Sherwin Williams
    • Cabinet Coat, Insl-x

    We take all the doors and drawer front to our shop so we can spray them in the paint booth. After we make sure that the paint is cured they all get wrapped in packing foam to make sure there is no damage to them during the transportation.