Lacquer And Wood Staining

Our lacquer painters in Calgary have adequately acquired the skills of staining and lacquering through the many years of experience.

Staining is not a simple task as a majority of people would think. It does not only involve prepping, applying the stain and wiping it off, it requires way more than that.

For instance, the wood that we work with carries damages that include water stains or scratches . In order to apply stain to such wood, painters need to have adequate knowledge on the right kind of fillers to apply on the holes and other damages. Moreover, the kind of sandpaper to be used on wood is vital in ensuring a perfect end result.

Another important aspect when it comes to staining and lacquering, is shading the wood. Shading the wood is important since it helps in making the differences less obvious.

Wood Staining And Lacquering

Over the years, we have come across many painters that do not know how to properly apply lacquer. More importantly, where it is appropriate to apply lacquer. For example, our lacquer painters in Calgary would never apply lacquer on windows made of wood. Those windows can easily expand and contract with change in temperature. It would result in cracking and flacking off due to lacquer’s lack of flexibility.

When you choose to hire us to do your wood staining or lacquering job, you will be hiring highly qualified professionals that use the right respiratory protection, do their job thoroughly and apply the right dilution of the product to achieve a perfect job at the end of it all.

Calgary Wood Finishing Services

Providing our customers with the results that are far beyond their expectations is our goal on every project. In every wood staining and lacquering project we undertake, we always focus on details and apply our years of experience, creativity and work ethic into providing exactly what the customer is looking for.

Our highly skilled lacquer painters in Calgary are able to offer you with a broad range of color matching, custom finishes, and consulting services. We have proven our competence through our highly satisfied previous customers.

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We also do  kitchen cabinets refinishing.

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