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You might say painting a piece of paper, or an art canvas is fun, but one thing’s for sure; Painting a house is not as fun as you think it is. If you enjoy art as a passion, you will enjoy your time as you repaint your house’s interior or exterior. It doesn’t matter if the space you’re working on is huge or small.

On the other hand, some people find this activity time-consuming because painting a single wall will already take half of your day. Imagine how much time it will consume if you are to paint the whole house. Moreover, it needs a big budget for you are to do it alone.

Aside from the effort that you have to exert in painting your space, you’ll also have to consider the materials that you need to use, such as rollers, brushes, and paints. It’s going to need a higher budget if you’re longing for durability.

Knowing the Pros and Cons of Low and High-Quality Paints

A lot of people struggle in deciding whether to invest in low-quality paints or high-quality ones. Some take low-quality paints because of budget-issues, while others are buying high-quality paints because they know that they’ll save more. If you’re undecided about whether to choose low or high-quality ones, here are some tips for you.

If you think you’re saving more by buying cheaper but low-quality paints, you’re not at all. Low-quality paints tend to fade quickly, which means you’ll have to redo and buy again. At first, you think you’re saving, but after buying paints frequently for repainting, you’d realize that the worth of what you spent is the same cost for high-quality paints.

Another con of low-quality paints is that it’s not durable enough. You’ll end up buying often, and it will cost you a lot of effort because you’ll have to reapply from time to time.

One of the cons of high-quality paints is that these can be pricey in the market. On the brighter side, these paints are long-lasting. You’ll pay a costly price once, yet you get to enjoy the longevity of these paints, one applied on the walls, ceilings, cabinets,  millwork, windows and more. Moreover, these are ideal to use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Another advantage of investing in high-quality paints is that you don’t have to apply many coatings. There’s enough pigmentation on high-quality ones, which means you can maximize the use of one can.

Moreover, you can assure the durability of high-quality paints because these include the best resins or binders. This component will prevent the paint from fading, peeling, blistering, scuffing, and moulds.

These are some basic guides for you to consider if you have plans to paint your house without the help of painters in Cochrane, AB.

Painters in Cochrane

 Some Advantages of Painting Your House’s Interior and Exterior

Most people know the value of high-quality paints, and why it’s better than buying low-quality ones. However, some don’t consider how beneficial painting is to everyone’s house. Some are still sketchy on why there’s a need to paint their house’s interior or exterior-part. If you want to know how beneficial it is, here are some advantages.

Using zero or low VOC paints (volatile organic compounds) can enhance your house’s air quality. Most high-quality paints have low or no VOCs. Hence, there are fewer toxins, which promotes a healthy space for all. It’s also safe for people who have chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Paints will protect your house, especially when you use high-quality ones. It can secure your house’s walls from tear and wear. Furthermore, it can stop the growth of mildews or moulds.

Another advantage of painting your house’s interior and exterior is that you can draw probable buyers. Giving your house a make-over will boost the chance of selling it if you have plans to sell it.

Lastly, you can give your house a total make-over, especially if you’re planning to switch styles. You can repaint your interiors to change your old ones to pastel colours or bright ones, depending on how you want the room’s vibe to be.

However, no matter how people want to repaint their house, some still find difficulty in managing to start. They don’t know what paint brand to buy, what colour combinations are suitable for each other, or how to do it. If you’re also one of these people who need further assistance from experts, such as painters in Cochrane, AB, you can never go wrong with Image Line Painting.

Looking for Experts: What Image Line Printing Can Do for You

Image Line Painting is the most versatile service provider who can offer you exceptional painting experience, regardless if you need residential or new construction painting. It can even assist you if you need cabinet refinishing and painting. Aside from wall painting, some of the services that you can choose from are the following:

  • Wallpaper Removal
  • cabinet painting
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Baseboard Painting
  • Paint Booth Spraying
  • Staining and Lacquer
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Millwork Painting
  • Airless Spray-Painting
  • Trim and Door Painting

Aside from the mentioned services, Image Line Painting is also offering the Color Consultation program for customers who can’t make up their minds on what colour to select for their desired theme.

Image Line Painting guarantees a 100%-satisfying service to all its clients because it consists of a group of focused and highly-knowledgeable experts. You can undoubtedly count on them because of reliability as one of their main core values. Furthermore, they’ll satisfy customers with their out-of-the-box results, regardless of any project.

When it comes to materials and paints, Image Line Painting makes sure all paints are high-quality, as well as the craftsmanship and material. For an eco-friendly vibe, it uses low VOC paints (volatile organic compounds). Also, it comes with five-year warranty service for clients to enjoy more.

You can enjoy Image Line Painting’s free estimate on their website. You can even book an online appointment without any hassle. Regardless if you’re from Calgary or Cochrane, this service provider aims to let you experience convenience and quality service for an exceptional experience.

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