Painting kitchen cabinets

Cabinet painting

is a great way to save on cost rather than replacing them with new ones.

There are several ways to refinish your cabinets where some involve a bit more labor that could cost more in the end.

Ways of refinishing your kitchen cabinets

Stripping Old Finish

If you want to retain the beauty of your cabinet wood grain, this is the way to go. One option of refinishing your cabinets is to strip the old finish to the bare wood. One has to be careful while undertaking this task as most paint strippers are chemical based products which can cause harm to your skin and respiratory system.


If you want to obtain your desired stain color but without seeing the grain anymore, this is the way to go. The process is similar to lacquering your kitchen cabinets to a solid color.

Solid color

This is the most used option when refinishing kitchen cabinets in Calgary and probably the most cost effective out of the three.

Prepping is the first and essential step when undertaking the task of painting cabinets or any millwork. Surfaces need to be cleaned with a good cleaner and ensure it will not react with the finish that will be applied afterward.

To get an excellent adhesion and for a job that will last for long, a proper primmer is needed. Through our cabinets painting service in Calgary, you will give your kitchen a fresh appearance. You will also save money compared to replacing them with new ones. Money you can use to do other upgrades that can make your kitchen modern and more functional.

Why get professional help with cabinet refinishing

The task of kitchen cabinets refinishing may seem like a small job that can be handled by any person. However, you will need a professional painter to get the job done right and efficient.

You may wonder why you should pay for a job you can handle yourself. The answer is simple, we do not brush and roll your cabinets, we spray them.

All the doors, drawer fronts and other removable pieces are sprayed in our shop spray booth and gables, crown are being sprayed in place.

We are using lacquer or other equivalent products for a durable and smooth finish on your cabinets.

If you need your cabinets painted in Calgary, contact us now for a free estimate or fill in the info requested bellow for a rough cabinet painting cost.