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Transform Your Living Space With New Interior Paint

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We can bathe your interior with a new modern color scheme

Are you looking for a way to freshen up the interior of your home?  Maybe you’re hosting a family get-together for one of the upcoming holidays and you’d like to brighten up your interior?  Or, maybe you’re getting your home ready for sale and want it looking modern and inviting to entice a new buyer?  Interior Painting is one of the most meaningful home improvement projects that completely changes the appearance, style, and enhances your mood and the enjoyment you’ll receive from your interior space.

Which Rooms Should You Paint?

If you’re not interested in painting your entire interior and instead would like to choose a few important rooms to paint instead, how do you know what rooms to choose?  Start with repainting interior spaces that receive the most traffic or where you spend the most time.

One important area to repaint could be the entrance way to your home.  This is the first area of your home you walk into when you or your guests come into the home so it makes sense that you’d want it give a good impression.  A coat of modern colors will make your entry way or foyer more welcoming and inviting.

Living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms are also very good choices for an interior repainting project, especially if you have an older home and it hasn’t seen a new coat of paint in years.  Repainting these rooms will modernize your space and make them more enjoyable to spend time in.

What About Minor Drywall Repairs?

It’s not as easy as just repainting your interior.  In order for an interior paint job to come out looking fantastic there is a great deal of prep work required.  This can include patching and repairing drywall dents, scratches, and small holes.  The prep-work is actually the longest most tedious part of any interior painting project but it needs to be done right if you want the paint to last and look great.  Image Line Painting can take care of any minor imperfections and blemishes in your drywall so that your new paint goes on smooth and looks awesome.

What Interior Colors Should You Choose?

Color choices are very subjective and everyone has their own individual tastes.  You can find color schemes and popular color trends all over the Internet but at Image Line Painting we’ve been painting homes long enough.  We’ve seen many color trends come and go over the years.  If you would like a professional color consultation for your specific home, we’re happy to offer one with one of our FREE interior painting estimates.

We will listen to your ideas and answer any questions you might have and then we can come up with some ideas based on our knowledge and experience that will be sure to please!

When Should You Book Your Interior Painter?

As summer slowly comes to an end and the fall season get’s closer and closer painters begin to shift their focus from exterior painting to interior projects where we can work inside out of the wet weather.  The problem for a homeowner seeking an excellent painting job is that all of the best painters are often booked well in advance.  Image Line Painting is no exception.  We’re currently booking clients for interior repainting this fall and our schedule is filling up quickly.

If you want to have your home interior repainted before the holiday season is in full swing it’s a great idea to book your estimate soon.

Why Choose Image Line Painting For Your Interior Painting Project?

Image Line Painting Truck Image Line Painting, LLC is a top-rated painting contractor serving the Alberta area.  When you choose Image Line Painting to paint the interior of your house you’re partnering with a professional painter who takes your project seriously.  All interior painting work is backed with a workmanship warranty to protect your new paint against peeling, flaking, or cracking.  If there is ever a problem, we’ll come fix it!

If you’d like to schedule your FREE estimate for your interior painting project give us a call 403-613-1045 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to schedule a time.

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