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Wood Staining And Lacquering

While these terms are often used interchangeably by people who don't understand they are in fact very different products and different processes for finishing wood.  So what's the difference between laquer and stain?  A stain is just a pigment and/or dye solution that you wipe onto the wood before wiping it off.  Lacquer is actually a finishing coat or "clear coat" that can protect the woods finish and bring out it's lustre.

Image Line Painting is a full service painting contractor based out of Calgary and serving the surrounding areas.  We specialize in wood staining and lacquering everything from custom railings and stairs to wood cabinets and vanities, and more.  If you have interior or exterior wood that you'd like to give an elegant finish then we'd be happy to help.  As a reputable Calgary small business you can count on our punctuality, professionalism, and ability to execute your staining or lacquering project to the highest standard of quality.

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What's The Difference Between Stain and Lacquer?

Stain and lacquer both have applications in which they shine and either/or is also not suitable for some projects either.  Wood, in it's own natural state can be somewhat boring.  The proper use of stain is one of many steps that can be taken to bring out the true, natural beauty of the wood.  There are complex, hidden grain patterns that lie on the surface of all wood but it's often never noticed until stain has been applied.  The stain simply adds definition and color and enhances the natural beauty that was already there.

Lacquer and varnishes don't so much change the pigment of the wood but rather they form a film on top of the wood that is used to protect and add luster.  Lacquers are usually applied after the stain has dried. Sometimes referred to generically, lacquer and varnish are not the same thing. Lacquer is solvent-based while varnishes are made from natural oils and resin.

Staining Or Lacquering For Your Project?

Stain can be applied to wood both indoors and outdoors, it's the best choice if you're going for the classy, traditional wood finish.  Lacquer is best suited for indoor projects that won't be exposed to moisture.  Being a natural product wood can expand when it's in a moisture rich environment, this expansion and contraction is too hard on a lacquer finish and it will begin to crack and peel quickly.

Stain alters the tint and pigment of wood while a lacquer simply enhances the existing beauty and adds a glossier look.

For speed of application lacquer wins because it can be applied quickly and consistently and 2nd or 3rd coats can be reapplied quickly, often within 15-30 minutes of each other.  If you're using a good quality stain it can often take 48-72 hours or more to properly dry.

Stain Is A Good Choice For:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wood flooring
  • Interior molding
  • Entertainment menters
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Decks, railings, and fences

Varnish Is A Good Choice For:

  • Adding as a topcoat to stain for protection and higher lustre.
  • Interior wood and fine, stationary, furniture
  • Wood working projects

Wood Staining & Lacquering Services

  • Wood cabinet refinishing
  • Wood staircase and railing refinishing
  • Interior and exterior wood beam refinishing
  • Restaining interior wood trim and molding
  • Wood staining in bars and restaurants
  • Wood staining in historic buildings
  • Wood staining in professional offices

With Every Staining or Lacquering Project We Will:

  • Provide you with an expert consultation so we can choose the appropriate finish.
  • Sand and/or remove and previous stain.
  • Repair small blemishes, knicks, scratches, and dents.
  • Protect and cover floors, molding, windows, furniture, and any other surfaces not to be coated.
  • Apply lacquer when necessary to protect the stain and give that high gloss shine.

Our team knows the secret to a fantastic looking wood staining or lacquering job is 80% prep work and 20% the application of stain and/or lacquer.  We are meticulous with our preparation work because we KNOW it makes the biggest difference in the final product.

Our entire crew will take every precaution possible to ensure we keep your home spotless and we always aim to leave zero trace of our presence other than your beautifully painted interior.

Why Choose Image Line Painting To Stain or Lacquer Your Fine Wood Finishing?

When you choose Image Line Painting to paint your home interior you're partnering with a team of professionals.  As a reputable small business you can count on our integrity, communication, punctuality, and ability to lead our small team through the completion of your project.

We have a solid track record of happy and satisfied customers, many of them calling on us again and again for their painting needs and also referring us to their friends and family.  It's through the quality of our work that our business continues to grow.

Owner (Cristian Farkas) is checking in on every project and takes great pride in the work that Image Line Painting completes in our customers homes.  We care about your painting project and we want to make sure we do the best job we possibly can.  We provide unbeatable value, we keep your home spotless, our pricing is fair, and the quality of our finished painting work is unmatched.

If you'd like to schedule an estimate to stain or lacquer the fine wood work and/or furniture in your home or business then give us a call 403-613-1045 or fill out our online painting estimate request form and we'll get right back you.