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How Long Do Painting Contractors Take



So, you want to get your house painted but aren’t sure you have the time required to complete the job? If you don’t have experience painting a house, figuring out how much time is needed might just surprise you. Here are some considerations you can make to help you decide when’s the best time to hire painting contractors to paint your home’s interior or exterior.

Tips for Calculating Paint Time

The short answer is there is no magic formula to calculate paint time. Estimating a job takes years of experience. And it takes into account a number of factors as listed below:

Size Matters

When it comes to learning how long it will take to paint your house this statement couldn’t be more accurate. Not only is the size of your home one of the largest predictors of how much time is needed, but also the size of a painting contractors’ crew. Naturally, larger houses require more time. And if you are looking to get your large home done quickly, hire a crew that will agree to bring a minimum number of people to complete the job efficiently.

Surface Texture Takes More Time

A new construction home that just needs couple coats of paint is not surprisingly a quicker job than a home that has holes and textures that need to be primed and covered for consistency. When determining how much time you think you need to paint inside a home, consider it’s condition and whether unsightly textures or surface discrepancies will add more time to the job.

How’s the Weather?

Calgary isn’t known for its tropical weather conducive to painting. In fact, we know that springtime often brings some of the worst snow storms, even more dangerous than what we see in the winter. And that says a lot. If you want a fast job from your painting contractor, make sure to consider the time of year that your house is to be painted. If it’s a time of problematic weather, a little grace time may need to be anticipated.

Attention to Detail

One color, two colors, three colors, four… Seven colors, eight colors, nine colors, more?! The more colors you decide to slap into your house’s interior, the more detail painting required and the more time it will take unless your contractor can overcompensate by adding extra crew members to the party. If you want a quick and easy job, keep it simple.

Painting Contractors vs DIY

The final consideration is whether to do it yourself or hire out for the job. If speed is your goal, painting contractors are the only reasonable answer. Rushing a DIY job when you don’t have experience is never advisable. Just check out the Pinterest fails if you don’t believe me. To get the job done quickly, consider these tips when hiring:

  • Get your house ready — this could mean priming in advance, pressure washing garage areas (exterior painting) or otherwise preparing the surface for paint, moving big items out of the way, etc.
  • Always communicate — contractors only know what you tell them, so if you have a deadline or want to add more workers to the crew, speak up
  • Be present — stick around to answer questions that will move the job along quicker

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