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3 Questions to Ask A Painting Company

Well over half of the Canadian adult population are homeowners.

Home ownership can be a rewarding experience. It also carries with it some headaches.

Home maintenance is a cost  homeowners will face. Among the top things that will need your maintenance attention will be your home’s paint.

Everyday exposure to the elements causes paint to chip and fade over time. If you live in the Calgary area and are looking to hire one of the best painting companies Calgary has to offer, keep reading.

Our team at Image Line Painting has put together this list of 3 essential questions you need to ask painting contractors. Be sure to ask these questions before bringing anyone on to touch up your home or put the first coat of paint on your new property.

1) Are You Insured

A reputable paint contractor will have an insurance policy in place before beginning work on your property. Insurance policies should cover any accidental damages done to your house while labor is performed.

For example, imagine one of your windows gets cracked while painting around its frame. An insurance policy would cover the cost of the window being replaced. Some painting contractors in Calgary will attempt to work on your property without insurance to reduce overhead.

If you hire one of those contractors, you may have difficulty getting them to pay for damages they cause.

Another important aspect of a comprehensive insurance policy should be provisions in case a worker is injured while on your property. You may have private home insurance that protects you against claims but understanding how your contractor is helping cover your liability will help reduce surprises in case of an accident.

2) Will You Be Using Subcontractors

In order to lower costs, some painting companies in Calgary use subcontractors. Subcontractors are workers not affiliated with the contractor you’re hiring. They’re typically cheaper and hiring them is the equivalent of outsourcing your work.

While having subcontractors working in your home doesn’t mean you’ll get poor results, you’ll want to know who you’re hiring for your money. Typically, a contractor that has non-subcontracted employees working in your home will have a higher degree of accountability in regard to quality.

3) What Kind of Paint Will You Be Using

Not all paint is created equal. Cheap, low-quality paint will not give you the true color you’re looking for in your home. Cheap paint is also more prone to chipping and will need repainting sooner than high-quality paint.

Ask your contractor what paint they’ll be using and inquire about its quality. Ask them what the average life expectancy of their paint job will be with the paint they’re using.

If you’re dissatisfied with the answers you’re getting, ask if it’s possible to upgrade your paint type or start looking for another contractor.

Remember, cutting costs on paint is a short-term cost-saving strategy. You’ll likely end up paying more, in the long run, redoing your job and will have a home that looks sub-par.

Summarizing What to Ask When Looking for a Painting Company

When looking to see what a painting company in Calgary has available to you, be sure to understand the ins and outs of the service they’ll be providing before agreeing to terms. It’s important to understand if they’re insured if they’ll be using subcontractors, and what paint they’ll be using in your home.

Those three questions will help set you up to get a paint job you’re 100% satisfied with.

If you’re looking for high-quality painting services, look no further than Image Line Painting. We’ve been applying our artistry and tireless desire to exceed customer expectations to both homes and businesses in the Calgary area for over a decade.

If you’d like us to raise the value of your property through our painting expertise, contact us for a quote today!

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