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How to Update Your Home with Modern Painting Work

Choosing the right shade of paint could make a difference in your home’s worth by over $1,500 dollars. Studies show that certain doors are somehow worth more than others depending on the shade. A little bit of modern paint work can easily add value to your home.

Colors are deeply connected to human psychology. We just feel different when we’re surrounded by different colors. Depending on where your home is located, different tones could be more important than others.

If you’re wondering what some modern paint work could do for your home, it’s all about where you paint and what colors you choose. Try these four options for a more valuable and more beautiful home.

1. Start at the Front

Make a strong first impression when people see your house. A boldly colored front door can reflect the style of your home.

Depending on your property, a weathered wooden door could be perfect in a rustic and rural setting. However, if your whole design sense leans toward modern or mid-century modern sensibilities, your door should get a bit of an update.

Think about the kind of energy you’re trying to invite into your home when you enter the door. You can subvert expectations or create a holistic experience.

2. More Than a Brick

If you’ve got a rough brick wall that’s gotten drab over time, think about adding a modern paint color to it. You can maintain the classic texture and sense of roughness without having to compromise your style.

The texture of brick could be a great contrast to a home decked out in glass, metal, and monochrome. It just might need a solid paint job to help make the statement you want it to.

3. Coat Your Floors

If you’ve got old hardwood that needs a new coat of something, consider adding a muted or modern color. A gray or pastel color could add a fresh tone to an older home.

Otherwise, a solid coat of some kind of stain could be just what your light colored hardwood has been craving for some time. You could do something different for each room if that makes sense for your style.

4. Deck out Your Deck

While refinishing a pressure treated deck could be a real pain, a modern paint job could take it up a notch. Whether you like to entertain or just relax alone, a deck with a solid paint job, when exposed to the elements, could bring a special feeling.

Follow your gut when refinishing your deck.

A Modern Paint Job Brings New Life to Old Space

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your home feel brand new, a new coat of paint could be the answer.

Take some risks, be bold, and express yourself. You might be surprised with the results.

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