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The Top Interior Painting Trends of 2021


New year, new you, right? What about new year, new paint colors? As fast as things come into style, they go out of style as well.

So when it comes to giving new life to your home, where do you start? With new wall colors, of course! There are millions of colors to choose from and plenty of inspiration to help liven up your last season walls.

Even if you aren’t looking to update every surface in your house, following these 2021 interior painting trends will freshen up your walls and put a pep in your step to start your new year in the right direction!

Did You Know…

Colors have a direct relation to your mood and have a whole field of psychology dedicated to researching them. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s paramount to choose quality colors when it comes to updating the wall colors of your home.

A lot of life happens within the walls of your home, so it should be a place that reflects peace of mind and calm. Your paint colors play a lot into the mood of your household, regardless of what you believe.

While the thought of updating the colors of your walls shouldn’t bring stress, it should also inspire you to create a home where you enjoy spending your time, bringing people into, and growing your family.

Does the idea of painting your walls have you feeling all the things? To get started, learn more about what color palettes help improve your mood and create a peaceful home!

Downplayed Pastels 

Muted pastels are the perfect choice for spaces that you share with others. These colors create an ambiance of warmth and low maintenance. One of the greatest benefits of this color scheme is its ability to hide those marks and nicks that come with everyday life, which is a plus if you have animals and children!

The low-key vibe of this palette makes it a great choice if you want to add other pops of color or striking accents throughout the room. It’s downplayed, yet powerful.

Pastels are also a perfect choice as it seems to be trendy year after year instead of falling out of style at years end. If you want to maintain a polished paint job throughout your house without having to revisit your local paint store year after year, muted pastel is the avenue for you!

All the Colors of the Woods

2019 is the year of all things earthy. Many paint colors will incorporate the colors of nature, which will help to bring life and a calming presence to the rooms throughout your home. These colors are also perfect to pair with bold accent walls as they are often neutral.

Instead of opting for those dark browns or tan hues that make spaces feel smaller, choose colors like mushroom or clay that give you an outdoorsy feel without the heavy color. This adds sophistication to any room while allowing the sun to brighten up the area.

When it comes to these woodland colors, there are a variety of hues to choose from which will help them stand the test of time regardless of the trends over the years.

What’s Pewter Anyway

If you’re anything like me, I have no idea what color to picture when I hear the word pewter. Picture this: a gray-beige color that is the perfect compliment to any accent wall or room in your home. 

Although it’s only recently been identified as one of the top paint colors for interior walls, pewter has always brought a lot to the table when it comes to setting the tone for your home. While it creates something similar to a blank canvas, it’s anything but boring.

Pewter is the color to choose when you have an accent wall that needs a partner. It can also be used throughout your home as it works well anywhere you put it.

No Need to Be Blue

The color blue is shown to promote calm and peace throughout a home. There are a variety of blue hues that allow you to make your home a place that you enjoy dwelling in.

When you stand in front of all the choices of blue that you can incorporate into the interior of your home, lean towards the ice blues or charcoals that liven up a room and soothe those within it. Try to steer clear of dark hues, such as navy, that tend to make spaces feel smaller and darker.

Choosing a more down-played blue will give you more bang for your buck, giving you the most benefit from your paint choices. It will also allow you to tie in other colors to your rooms without being too overwhelming.

Interior Painting Without Stress

The color wheel is overwhelming. There are too many places to start and it seems like there isn’t enough time to get all the painting done. One of the best ways to tackle interior painting is one room at a time.

When standing in front of the color wall at your local home improvement store, keep in mind the trendiest colors of 2021. Whether it’s the compliment to an accent wall or the walls that will help raise your future family, colors matter and bring a lot of life to the place you call home.

You might be thinking that you’re completely happy with the colors of your home and there’s no need for interior painting. Or maybe you might be satisfied but wouldn’t mind freshening up a few rooms here or there to give your house a second life.

Regardless of where you stand on the state of the colors of your home, brush up on these tips that will help you determine when it’s time to do some interior painting.

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