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Top 7 Bathroom Paint Colors Of 2021 That You Need To Use





Choosing bathroom paint colors is trickier than many people think. After all, just because you know you want a better-looking bathroom doesn’t suddenly make you an interior designer. There are subtle choices you have to make to get the right effect. And, for most of us, once the bathroom’s painted, we’re not planning on coming back to do it over again any time soon.

It’s also difficult being practical. The best looking bathroom might be a complete nightmare to keep clean and organized, and there are many colors that will help to keep that in order. But you’ve got to know what those are and, as we said, nobody’s expecting you to be a design genius.

The good news is, we’ve assembled our official list of ten bathroom colors to help get the exact look you want. Or a look you didn’t know you wanted. Whatever the case, you can now overhaul your own bathroom with a few gallons of paint, some brushes, and this article.

Majestic Teal

Make a splash, with a vibrant mixture of blue and green sure to turn any bathroom into a statement. A truly modern color choice, teal is great for making small bathrooms look deeper and more inviting.

This is a great color choice for offsetting with decisive decorations. Choose vivid, bold accents for your walls and ceiling to make your new teal paint job really pop. Framed black and white pictures, dark hand towels and succulent plants in black pots.

With your accessories in place and your small bathroom colors working their magic, you’ll have a bathroom you won’t want to leave.

Dusty Blue

Turn down the heat, with this entry on our bathroom paint ideas countdown. Bright grays are offset by white tiles and tasteful blue accents, for a relaxing effect that is also 100% decisive.

One of the best parts of a muted color scheme such as this is that the palette you end up with brightens up your room without being exaggerated. We want to spend time in our bathrooms, so it’s important to balance out unique color schemes with relaxing tones for a classy finish.

This is your bathroom. Do something cool with it.

Cherry Red

Are you tired of boring bathrooms? Good – so are we! That’s why we’ve included this, our most energized and lively tone for reinventing your bathroom space. Cherry red isn’t high on many people’s bathroom color ideas list, but the lively, warm effect it creates can’t be overstated.

This color works well for homes with children, but it’s important to note that a splash of red says a lot about anybody using it. It’s out of the ordinary, colorful, and playful, and creates a space that says “Come in”.


For those not in the know, a popular color combo in many bathrooms is soft grays and whites, often with a white wood floorboard. Known by many as “Greige”, this low-effort color scheme is as cool as an all-white bathroom without that same clinical blandness. 

Add a little depth to your white bathroom, if that’s what you already have, by introducing gray elements. Countertops, shower curtains or hampers are good places to start. You’ll notice the changes subtly at first, but they’ll be there. You’ll begin transforming your bathroom into something more than just some white room from this point on.

As far as colors for bathrooms, greige is a great option that puts a fresh spin on a true classic.


Featured on many lists of bathroom colors, paisley greens are a soothing look for everybody’s favorite room in the house. Discover a wholesome, rejuvenating side to your bathroom with a serene green color scheme, and freshen up in style in 2021.

A green space, offset with white accessories will create a natural, almost pastoral experience. This is a shade that conveys feelings of quietness and serenity. Imagine starting and ending the day in a lovely, neutral bathroom decked out in all-natural greens. Pure bliss.


As we’ve mentioned earlier on this list of bathroom painting ideas, sometimes it’s better to go bolder. And what could be bolder than a classic, pristine navy blue and white bathroom? With heavy Victorian influences and an unforgettable color scheme, this blue and white bathroom is more than just a bathroom. It’s a drama in contrasting colors.

Because your bathroom is important to you, accentuate your new navy blue and white color scheme with a massive mirror and brass fixtures. Finish off with white towels and a few pink (or even some yellow) flowers for a splash of color. Your navy blue walls will leave their mark on you every morning.


Staying on our blues train, for those of you still hoping to tread water with something a little more “middle of the road”, may we introduce periwinkle? A high-class blend of blues and purples, this color is possibly the most understated item on this list. It’s also one of the most delightful.

Periwinkle is the most relaxing color on the face of this planet, especially when combined with muted whites and matt finishes. Create a bathroom that lulls visitors into a warm and safe experience with periwinkle walls and white cupboards. As with our navy option, a few red flowers couldn’t hurt, but the truth is you could leave this bathroom be in all its powdery white glory and be just fine.

Bathroom Paint Colors: And Now You Know

Painting your bathroom the right color is important. But why beat yourself up for not knowing which way to go? Instead of stressing out over whether you’re choosing the right shade of blue, let our handy guide do the hard work for you and get to painting. Bathroom paint colors may be hard work, but we’ve done all the work for you!

As a final note, remember that along with the color you choose, the type of paint you’re using is also important for your bathroom. Look for water-resistant, matt finishes for a classier look and makes sure they are bathroom recommended for extra safety.

Are you in the Calgary area and looking for high-quality custom paint jobs for your home? Contact Image Line Painting today, and discover a new side to your house!


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