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Top 8 Tips for Painting Your Hallway



Decorating your house is a great way to breathe new life into it and give it a much-needed refresh. Over the past few years, Americans have spent around $5000 on home improvement and for good reason. We should feel comfortable in our homes and improving it can make us happier.

Your hallway is one of the first parts of the house your guests will see, so you want to make a good impression. If you’re thinking of painting your hallway soon, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. 

Want to make sure you do the best job possible for your hallway? If so, read on for 8 tips that will help you out. 

1. Get the Right Color

The color scheme you choose now is the one you’ll be stuck with for years to come, so you need to choose well.  Different colors can inspire different emotions and feelings. When it’s the first part of the house you and your guests see, it makes an impact.

When its time to paint your walls, there’s a lot to think about. You can link it to other rooms with different color schemes, or use patterns to create an illusion. Think about what you want your hallway to achieve.

Consider your own personal tastes and the features of your hallway. Think about which colors would work best for you and what would make you feel happy to walk into.

2. Make an Impression

You don’t need to paint it all one color and be done with it, there are lots of ways your hallway can make an impression. Try to be bold and turn your hallway into something that grabs the attention of anyone who enters.

Bright colors like blues and yellows will turn heads and leave a great impression on guests. What is the style of your house like? Is it cottage chic or hip and minimal? Whatever it may be, you can use your hallway to make a bold impression.

Split colors by making the end of the hallway a different color. Use different hues to give it more depth and make it more attention-grabbing. There are lots you can do and you can make your hallway the talk of the town!

3. Try to Coordinate 

If your hallway opens up to other rooms, it can be a good idea to coordinate the color scheme with them. Not only will it help you direct people to different rooms, but it adds a nice visual element too.

If there isn’t any natural light in your hallway, try to use lighter colors for room coordination. It makes the space look warmer and more inviting, as well as making it appear bigger.

It’s a great way to add some style and fun to your hallway too. One fun idea if you have kids is to incorporate chalkboard paint by their rooms to bring it to life even further.

4. Get Creative

You don’t need to stick to one color for your hallway, use this as a chance to get creative instead! If you want the hallway to be more vibrant, go for many warm colors like yellow and orange. 

If you want the hallway to seem longer, use stripes to give it that illusion. Different patterns like spots or stencils can add a dash of fun and creativity to the hallway.

Using your hallway as a creative spot is a great way to experiment before decorating other rooms. You get to see what the place looks like with bold patterns without having to change the other rooms too.

5. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

It’s not only the hallway walls that you need to paint, but you should also work on the ceiling too! There are lots of different kinds of paint you can use or you could go for wallpaper too. 

There are endless ways to get creative with this. You can use it to make the room appear taller or give the illusion of period features. Or you can use it to make a bright and fun statement!

It will draw the eye upwards and give your hallway a burst of new life. Think about what you want the look of your hallway to be and consider how you can use the ceiling to help.

6. Include a Focal Point

If there’s one thing that every room should have, it’s a focal point. A conversation starter that leaves an impression and gets everyone talking. 

The same should go for your hallway too. Find something interesting that draw attention and serves as a focal point. It can be anything, a funny framed picture, a meaningful heirloom, a pretty object. 

Find something with a story behind it and put it somewhere people will spot straight away. You have something to talk about with guests in an instant and it’s a great way for them to get to know you.

7. Mirrors Make a Difference

Once the painting is all done, the job isn’t finished. Mirrors are a great addition to your hallway too. They give the room more light and depth and they can make the place look so much more inviting.

They’re super useful for a last minute fashion check before you leave too. You can fix your hair or straighten your jacket before you head out for the day without worry.

They also make a great focal point if you go for a statement mirror. It opens the room up further and they can make a huge difference to the ambiance too.

8. Keep it Tidy and Organized

After all your hard work to make your hallway look nice and inviting, you want to keep it that way. Nothing spoils the mood of a room more than mess and clutter.

Instead, try to keep your new hallway clean and organized. Clean and neutral colors make the place look tidier, and you can invest in bowls or boxes to keep things in.

A key bowl or mounted key holder makes the place much less cluttered. A glass table or set of drawers not only looks great but keeps the place clutter-free. 

Transform Your Hallway With These Painting Tips

Your hallway should be a place that makes you proud to be home. It’s a place to show off your home to people and feel a warm inviting presence. These tips for painting your hallway can make your house feel so much more like a home.

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