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Trendy Paint Colors To Consider For Your Interior Home Painting

In our previous post, we learned on expert tricks and tips on the interior home painting for a flawless paint job. Whether renovating or building a new home, you are often advised to slap a fresh coat of paint before staging your property for sale.

Most house painters tend to overlook the type of color they use, but in reality, it is very impactful. Alongside, the location, square footage, date of the transaction, and age of a home, a custom painting for your home with the most suitable color can boost its bid price.

Colour attracts potential buyers and is worthwhile to consider the most trending colors when painting a new or old home. A great color helps prospective buyers to envision themselves in their dream living spaces.

Here are the top color trends that currently dominate the market

Blue is appetizing

Blue is trending. Hague Blue, for instance, can give your kitchen cabinets a moody and sophisticated look. Palladian Blue also provides a soothing coastal vibe that will inspire you.

Blue brings a fun, tranquil vibe and watery turquoise into your kitchen. This stress-reducing color can transform the value of your bathroom and brings a calming effect.

Try noshing around blue and enjoy finishing your kitchen cabinets, bedroom, bathroom, front doors and dining room. Slate blue or pale grey-blue can do wonders for your dining room.

Blue is the home paint colour that makes your home to earn a premium.

Green can be refreshing

It feels great to wake up every morning to a color of nature that symbolizes growth, promotes harmony and balances your spirit. Professional painters are now going green!

An imbibing dazzling shade of green in your bedroom can enhance the value of your home. You might also want to consider olive green to spruce up the personality of neutral living space playfully.

A classy green shade can also give your room a Victorian appeal.

Nothing impresses more like a color that brings relaxation into your home. Violet is a plummy hue that enriches your life with rejuvenation.

It is bold and beautiful, dramatically thoughtful and provocative and does great for your kitchen.

Tuscan Sun

Did you know that orange is the latest black?

Perhaps, orange brings a stunning look and more drama into your bedroom. Its alluring and pleasant feel on the eyes can give your bedroom a lot of impressions.

Orange also brings a welcoming ambiance. It exudes an element of brightness thus promoting your social living.

Painting shades of this color on your living room walls can turn its value around. Its neighboring color is yellow, and both represent warmth and positive vibe.

Hot Red

If you’re considering red for your walls, then spice it up with a bit darker ceiling to bring out the drama you needed.

Additionally, red-hot walls complement well with white window frames to being a sophisticated look. Red raises the energy of a seemingly dull room.

Brown cabinets brings out a cozy feel

Saturated undertones of brown shades can give your room a cozy appeal. In fact, Brown is a vibrant, warm and inviting color that makes your dining yummy. It matches well with green walls.

The professional painters at Image Line Painting understand the importance of choosing the right painting color, sheen, shade and how the procedure should be conducted. Color has an impact on the appeal and value of a home. Contact us for all your painting needs and we will also offer a free color consultation.

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