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8 Signs It’s Time to Paint Your Interior Walls


When was the last time you painted the interior walls of your home? If it’s been a while, you may want to consider repainting.

Paint can last for years, but even if it’s treated well it eventually starts to wear out. Worn paint can drastically change the look of your home. To keep your home in tip-top shape you should repaint your walls from time to time.

So how do you know if your interior paint is no longer up to par? Here are eight signs that it’s time to repaint.

1. Flakes and Bubbles

Is there any flaking or bubbling in your home’s paint? If so, it’s definitely time for a new coat.

You take the time to make your house nice. Whatever decorative items you use, your attention, and the attention of your visitors, will be directed to the flaky paint instead.

There are a few causes of this type of paint issue. You may have rot in your walls, or some moisture may have gotten in. This can also happen in areas that experience a lot of strong sunlight.

Make sure you don’t have any rotting or moisture issues before applying new paint, or you’ll end up with the same problem again.

2. Marks that Won’t Go Away

We’ve all seen them, those pesky marks that you’ve tried to get off the wall but just won’t leave. Whether they’re fingerprints, food splashes, or something else, they’re annoying and attention-grabbing.

If you have this type of mark on your walls, go ahead and get a new paint job. You’ll love having walls that are spic-and-span, and you won’t have to wear your arm out scrubbing anymore!

Stain-free walls are the best kind of walls. So make your home feel new with an updated paint job.

3. Fading

Are your walls not as vibrant as they used to be? Then this is a great time to get a new coat of paint throughout your home. Faded paint isn’t nearly as nice as paint that’s maintained its colour and sheen.

Fading can happen over time. This especially true for paint that’s exposed to the sun a lot, like a wall opposite a large window. So repainting to remedy fading isn’t normal.

If you’d like to update your paint less often, try to minimalize wear and tear on the paint inside your home. In general, though, interior paint should hold up for a few years at least.

4. Colour Change

This is another issue that can be caused by the sun. If you have a wall that’s constantly exposed to UV rays, you may end up with a wall that doesn’t match its mates.

This can be particularly annoying if all the walls in the room are the same colour. If it’s an accent wall, it may not be as noticeable. Even then, you may want to get a new coat of paint if the wall has turned a colour or shade that isn’t what you wanted.

5. You Need Change

While this isn’t something others will notice as easily, it’s a big reason to paint your walls. Sometimes people just need change. Whether you feel trapped, like the space isn’t your own, or you need to express yourself, go ahead and change the paint.

The paint in your home says a lot about the atmosphere in the home. If your walls make the place feel dark and gloomy, lighten it up! 

If you’ve always used a single colour throughout your home, try mixing things up. Choose different colours for different rooms or use accent walls to keep things interesting.

6. It’s Been a While

Even if your paint is still looking alright, you may want to repaint your home. Painting in this sort of situation keeps your home looking great before you jumped on the problem before it even had time to arrive.

Instead of waiting for trouble, such as bubbling or cracking, you can simply paint because you know it’s been a while since the last time. Paint can last several years, but it isn’t meant to be permanent.

7. The Baseboards and Trim Need Work

The baseboard and trim in your home add a lot of character. If they don’t look great, they’ll make the rest of the room look bad. While this issue doesn’t warrant an entire paint re-do, feel free to go for it since you’re pulling out the paint anyway.

Freshly-painted trimmings may stand out sharply against older wall paint, so it’s a good idea to handle these jobs at once.

8. You Just Moved In

If you have a new home there’s a chance the paint that was applied isn’t sufficient for daily wear. Make sure your paint will stand up to what you’ll put it through by painting the walls again.

If you recently moved in and home is new to you, a new paint job can really help the home feel like yours. Even if the paint looks good, consider painting it the way you want.

Pamper Your Interior Walls

Your interior walls are incredibly important to the entire atmosphere of your home. They set the mood by how they look, how they reflect light, and by how they’re placed. They’re constantly used, too, so it’s natural that they need some attention now and then.

If you’re experiencing any of these eight signs, consider repainting your home. You’ll love having clean, professional-looking walls, and that’s what you’ll get with a great new coat of paint.

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