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Keep Your Baby Smiling: How to Choose the Most Soothing Nursery Colors






Did you know that babies can only see in black and white at birth?

But this does not mean that you shouldn’t paint their nursery out in gorgeous colors. Because at 6 months of age, your baby’s eyes will be seeing all the colors!

Picking out nursery colors can be super fun. You have so much more to choose from than when decking out bland, adult rooms!

At the same time, choosing wall paint for any room can be a toughie. Selecting wall paint for a nursery can be even harder, because of the increased choice. You also need to make sure that you choose a color or colors, that soothe and calm your baby.

Because nobody wants a stressed out baby.

Fortunately, you can use colors to your advantage to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for you and your baby to be in. Read on to find out which are the most soothing colors you can use in your nursery.


When one thinks about how different paint colors affect your mood, what usually comes first to mind are bright colors. But neutral colors can have just as big an effect on one’s mood!

Neutral colors are known for their calming effects. They are easy on the eye and don’t over-stimulate the senses. Neutral colors are ideal for wall paint because walls are large spaces that can easily feel overwhelming if painted in too bold of a color. 

All of this holds true for nursery painting as well. You can use neutrals to create a calm and relaxing space that does not over-stimulate your baby. 

Here are some great neutral baby room color ideas:

  • Robin’s-egg blue
  • Sage green
  • Golden yellow
  • Light greys
  • Cream

These paint colors will create a relaxing feel in the nursery room, and be able to ‘age well’ with your baby. With any luck, unlike traditional pastels, most neutrals will not look out of place by the time your child is a little bit older. 

Who said neutrals were only for adults?


White is often thought to be too stark, ordinary or boring for a baby’s room. Yet white can be an incredibly soothing color. White can give the sensation of peace, airiness, and serenity. It is also a perfect backdrop against which you can get creative with other bursts of color and texture. 

If you like the idea of white for the nursery but are afraid that it will feel too cold or sterile – you can easily warm up the space with furniture, toys, and cozy accents.

Cool Colors

According to the International Journal of Pediatrics, cool colors are the most calming for infants. Warm colors convey coziness and warmth, but cooler colors that have a blue undertone will soothe the senses.

If you are concerned that blue toned colors will be too cold for your nursery, you can use a color wheel to intersperse bright accents of color that will offset the blue and bring in some warmth. 

To get you inspired, here are some cool toned baby room color ideas. 

Cool Neutrals

If you want to calm it up to the max, why not consider cool neutrals. These colors are both cool and neutral, making for an uber soothing effect. Light greys, eggshell blues, and muted greens are some great choices.


You don’t get bluer and cooler than blue. Which makes blue, in all of its shades and tones, a super calming color for nursery painting. 

Blue is also one of the trending wall colors in 2019. If you go with blue for your nursery, it will look spot on trend, and should remain that way for a number of years to come. 

Blue is most often associated with boy’s room colors, but if done well can make for one of the most creative and unusual baby girl room colors as well.

To maximize the calming effect of blue, be sure to go with light and more muted shades.


Greens are a great color palette from which to create a beautiful, relaxing nursery. Green colors are comprised of blue and yellow, which imbues them with the calming effects of blue, while at the same time the yellow component lends green hues a little extra warmth. 

Green is also a great unisex color that can be used for both a baby boy or a baby girl.

Earth colors, such as green, are another paint color trend that is holding major sway in 2019. Paint your nursery green… And you and your babe will be right on trend with the earthy vibes that are rocking the decor scene. 


Purple is another ideal unisex color that is also balanced between warm and cool. Made up of red and blue, purple can be at once both relaxing and warm. If you are waiting until after birth to discover the sex of your baby, or don’t want to fall into the pink-and-blue camps, then purple can be a great choice. 

To avoid overstimulation, be sure to stick to soft and muted shades of purple. Dark purple will be too rich and harsh for your little one. 


Pastels are a time tested favorite in the nursery, and a great palette to fall back on. They are another set of colors that are on trend, and most pastel colors have a soothing element. 

To increase the calm factor, aim to go for cool toned pastels.

Nursery Colors to Avoid

Before we let you loose to go and choose that perfect nursery color – let’s quickly talk colors to avoid.

Bright and harsh colors are best avoided as they are overpowering, even for adults. Red is especially stimulating and can stress babies out if they are exposed to too much of it for too long. 

Another color type you might wish to avoid are colors that won’t allow the nursery to grow along with your baby.

Once your little one is not so little anymore, an all-pink nursery may seem a bit out of place. To pick the most long-lasting colors for your nursery, check out our guide to the best colors for kids rooms.

Final Word

Picking out paint is never easy. Picking out nursery paint is a whole other game. 

And if you get it wrong, you may end up with a stressed, over-stimulated baby who can’t settle. Thankfully you are safe from this, now that you know all about which nursery colors to use to soothe and calm your little one. 

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