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Six Ways Interior Paint Can Transform Your Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your home and therefore the paint too. It is where you lounge on a weekend or host guests in the evening. More than likely, it is where you spend the most social, active time in your home. It should, therefore, be a place that brings you peace and that sets the tone for how you’d like to use the space.

Interior painting can be the difference between a gorgeous and welcoming area to invite your friends and a cramped and dingy room to avoid at all costs. Here are some of the best ways that house painting can create the living room of your dreams.

1. A Dash of Sunshine

When people first enter any space, they often observe the type of lighting. They notice if the room is well lit. They notice the presence of vast, sprawling windows to let in the sunshine and also if a room is dim, drab, and uninviting.

But there is one trick that many people don’t know: you don’t need windows to make a small space feel big and bright. Let in a little sunshine with some peachy hues or sweet yellows. Using a warm, bright colour in any space immediately opens it right up!

If you prefer your living space to feel vast, open, and endless, then you’ll relish the wonders that a touch of light coloured paint can bring. You’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee basking in the glow of a bright and beautiful paint job.

2. Cosy Quarters

Not everyone wants their space to feel like a big, open field. Some prefer the cosier accommodations. Think of a mug of warm hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and a cosy cabin to host friendly gatherings. With the use of the right tones and hues, your space can quickly turn from a sparse room to a snug and homey family room.

A good team of interior house painters can recommend the right tones to transform your living room into the room of your dreams. To create warm, inviting spaces, the best colours are just that: warm and inviting. Using an autumnal colour palette of soft oranges and light burgundy reds. These are the best hues to build your sweet and snug living space.

3. Modern Professional Living Space

A home reflects the people who inhabit it. Are you seeking a comfortable, professional space to work and host social gatherings, one that you also can decorate/maintain easily? Try a soft pink, paired with neutral greys and white. Alternatively, opt for a soft, clean grey with white and rose-pink accents.

These neutral, yet interesting colour choices make for a clean, high-end look without being gaudy. Soft, dreamy pinks and greys instantly make for a classy and timeless living room. These colours look great regardless of the accompanying decorations.

Throw out those tired beige tones and jarring bright blues. Opt for this subtle and charming colour palette to truly upgrade your space. Your living room will scale up a notch to one that supports your image as a hard-working industry professional in the modern era.

4. Bold Accents and Selective Features

Paint isn’t just a tool for setting the tone of certain rooms. It can also serve as a way to open, close off, and distinguish between spaces. Many modern homes make use of the open-plan living space. This means that multiple rooms are attached and indistinguishable from each other.

To build each room into a unique and separate space, house painting experts recommend the use of accenting. This refers to the selective use of a shade of paint distinct from the rest of the room. The accent colour on columns, small sections of wall, or frames can delineate parts or features of a room.

In addition to distinguishing separate rooms, accents on select features can draw attention to unique or interesting features. Common accented features include interesting doors, fireplaces, windows, crown moulding, and more.

5. Soft and Earthy

A room with grey stone, marble, or granite can feel industrial and cold with the wrong colour palette. Give your space an earthy vibe with a soft green wall paint. This pleasant hue can make cramped spaces feel infinitely cozier. It can turn a cold closet into a grassy meadow with a few simple strokes.

Rooms with wood or brick tend to function better with warmer colours. As such, an alternative option to the green is an amber-orange. This brings a touch of the outside in without being overbearing.

6. Clean and Fresh

Clutter can overwhelm any room. Even without much junk in a room, spaces can still feel cluttered if they are designed a certain way. The best way to clear the clutter without having to clean a thing is through the use of house painting.

Lighter colours are one of the simplest ways to prevent a room from looking cluttered or dingy. Because of the simplicity of a clean off-white wall, the attention is drawn to room accents like wall paintings or the antique lamp you love. The space feels clean, stylistically cohesive, and uncluttered.

When paint is too aggressive or jarring, it can compete with these decorations for attention, making the room feel instantly cluttered. Rather than throwing away your favorite decorations, try a more basic paint colour!

A Space to Call Home

Knowing what you want is the first step in achieving it. When you dream about your ideal living room, it might not be as far away as you think. One living room can be made to feel like a rustic cabin, a 1920s parlour, or even a beachy sunroom, all with a few simple paint choices.

If you own a property in Calgary that you wish could be better suited to your tastes, reach out to our team at Image Line Painting. We are the house painters who can help you create the home you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to pack up and move to find your dream home. It might just be waiting for you in the paint aisle.

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