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7 Different Types of House Paint Explained

You also have to know the type of paint you need for your specific project. The wrong one could spell disaster for your handiwork – and even put your health at risk.

Trying to know the difference between Azure and ocean blue can be a daunting task in itself, but the mayhem doesn’t stop there.

Sounds like pretty scary stuff, right?

Well, not really. You just have to be in the know about the different types of house paint out there – and we’re here to show you the ropes.

The Seven Different Types of House Paint

Who knew there were so many? Keep reading to learn what each type does and how it can benefit your home.


First off, you need to know that primer isn’t actually paint, but it can make the painting process a lot easier.

Primer is a material that has a makeup similar to indoor house paint, and you apply it as your first coat on your wall before you actually start painting.

Primer can be used when you are working on a wall that’s never been painted before. However, it can also be used when you are painting with a new color that’s much darker (or lighter) than the old one.

Oil and Water Based

Most types of paint will have the option of being either oil based or water based. This simply refers to the content of the paint itself, and each has its pros and cons.

Oil-based paints tend to be resistant to wear and tear, but they take longer to dry and they tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, water-based paints aren’t as strong, but they dry much faster and cost less.

It really just comes down to the job you’re working on and how strong your paint needs to be.

Interior and Exterior

Interior and exterior paints are pretty straightforward: one is for painting inside spaces, and the other is for painting outside areas.

Exterior paints tend to be stronger than interior paints so they can take on the outdoor elements, but that’s really the only difference.

In very rare cases, you may use an interior paint for an outdoor project and vice versa, but for the most part, you should stick with the correct paint for the job.


Enamel paint is very similar to oil-based paint. The difference is that enamel is even stronger than oil-based paint.

Enamel is best around areas of extreme traffic and use, like the kitchen cabinet doors or for trim around the windows.


Like enamel is to oil-based paint, latex is water based paint under another name…except there’s nothing special about it.

There’s no actual latex in the paint; in fact, there’s really nothing at all the distinguishes it from the regular water-based paint.

Just make sure to remember that there is latex primer and latex paint, so know what you’re going for before you buy.


For all of you nature lovers out there, acrylic paint is your way to go.

Acrylic paint is impressive because it is a water-based paint that offers the best of all worlds. It’s quick to apply and dry, yet it’s durable enough to take on any level of indoor traffic. It can also keep its color for a long period of time.

Best of all, acrylic paint doesn’t have any chemicals in its makeup (yay, natural products!) so it’s not only effective but safe to use anywhere in your home.

Specialty Paints

There are paints…and then, there are specialty paints.

The paints listed above can each have additives mixed into them such as anti-mold and anti-mildew formulas, which is perfect if you live in a moist environment.

There are also safety features like flame-retardant, which could be a lifesaver in the event that a fire breaks out.

There are a host of other specialty paints out there for protection, safety, or just to produce a unique look and feel to your room.

Call in the Pros

When it comes to professional house painting, no one does it better than we do.

We’ve been helping Calgary residents achieve the paint results they’ve wanted out of their home for years, and our proven track record shows how committed we are to our job.

We know all about the different types of house paint you can use to make your house look amazing, and we’d like to get you the home you want. Give us a call so we can talk more about how we can help you.

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