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What to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor


Before you engage with a painting contractor, it is imperative to choose reliable, affordable, and professional painting companies. A coat of paint adds both physical appeal and protection to buildings. Nonetheless, painting is not an easy task that can be performed by anybody.


Here are seven steps to consider when hiring a professional painting contractor:



Find Contractors For Estimates


The initial step is to find at least three painting contractors to make comparisons on affordability. To ensure that the painting project doesn’t fail, a little homework is required. It’s important to seek more contractors to assess the painting job before hiring.


Check the Painting Contractor ‘s References


After getting painting companies recommendations, it’s important to establish their history. Speak with customers you may know about their relationships and experiences with the company. Also, verify the customer’s satisfaction as well as the contractor’s quality of their work.


Verify the Company’s Credentials


The next step following after successful narrowing down of your alternatives is to verify the eligibility of the company. A painting contractor in Calgary is not required to have Alberta Trade License Requirements. However, it’s important to have a proof of insurance. As part of evaluation process, it’s necessary to pay attention to multiple aspects, including performance, financial stability, expertise, and experience of the painting contractor. Carry out research to establish if there have been any complaints that may have been filed in the past against the painting companies you have settled for.


Make Visits to Contractor ‘s Worksites


Always, if possible visit worksites to establish painting jobs of the painting company. A painting contractor should have a portfolio comprised of new and older painting jobs. Make sure that the craftsmanship of the painting contractor has been able to hold up over time.


Insist of a Guarantee on Painting Work


Any person with a paintbrush can qualify for a painting contract. You should ask for a written guarantee from the painting contractor that quality work will be delivered. You need to know the quality of paint to be used, and the number of paint coats to be applied to withstand over the years. Large-scale commercial painting contractors must show you a certificate of insurance. Also, insist for safety, bonding, and compliance information.


Inquiry on the Work Schedule


Before entering into a contract with the qualified painting company, ask for the timeline of the painting job. Know when the contractor will commence and complete the painting job. Ask  if the work will be subcontracted to other painting companies.


Enter into a Contract


In order to be legally binding, an agreement must be entered between you and the qualified contractor. Include all the important details in the agreement, including phone numbers, addresses, names, fee agreed upon, and schedule of project. Ensure that the insurance policy of the  contractor is attached in the contract.


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